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Ashibumi is an Eastern modality in which Sachi uses her feet instead of her hands to compress and stretch tight muscles and connective tissue.

Ashibumi originated in Asia a few thousand years ago. It was practiced by monks as a part of their training and for treating people. It is said that 1,000 times more energy comes out of the feet compared to the hands.

In Ashibumi, Sachi uses hand bars on the ceiling to control the angle and depth of pressure. By using her body weight efficiently, she can put up to 3-4 times more pressure than with her hands. And, because of the broad surface of the feet, the pressure is spread out so it’s relaxing without the feeling of invasive pain.

The client lies on the massage table and Sachi walks on the whole body through the sheet. It usually starts from the feet, moving up the shoulders and pumping blood and lymph fluid back to the organs. By improving blood and lymph flow, organs become more energized and metabolism increases.

Benefits include: releasing chronic tightness and tension, improving poor circulation, reducing stress and improving chronic fatigue.....oh, and did we mention? It's quite relaxing.


Thai Yoga Therapy


Thai Therapy is like Yoga combined with Rolfing and Shiatsu.  Sachi and Mikel use a wide variety of stretching movements and pressure points to produce a uniquely relaxing yet energizing and highly effective therapeutic treatment.  Sessions take place on a floor mat with the receiver in loose, comfortable clothing.  It is an ancient holistic therapy which strives to promote wellness and vitality by helping the body return to a state of balance, harmony, flexibility and health.

Today, Traditional Thai Therapy still retains elements of a strong spiritual connection. Practitioners and receivers are reminded of the Four Divine States of Mind of the Buddhist teachings: compassion, loving kindness, joy, and balance.  One must begin with compassion - for self as well as for others - and from that compassion springs forth loving kindness - or simply the wish for the well-being of others - which leads to a feeling of vicarious joy which enables one to find balance or equanimity in life.

Westport Rates per Session​
Ashibumi and Thai Yoga Therapy  - 90 min - $160​​

Email or call us with questions and to schedule.

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