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Yosemite National Park

Mikel Bensend​


I received my first Rolfing Series after years of working horses and commercial fishing in Alaska.  My first Rolfer took me out of chronic pain and back into full function in 10 sessions.  I knew I couldn’t commercial fish for the rest of my life, no matter how much I enjoyed it, and the Rolfing really called to me in a different and much deeper way than anything else I’d done.  ​

I decided to attend the Utah College of Massage Therapy for a foundation in this new field, and also studied with Judah Lyons-a Rolfer and my Deep Tissue instructor. After a few years of practice and deciding that I had enough questions, I went through the training at the Rolf Institute.​

I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer and bring studies in Rolfing, Functional Bio-mechanics, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Integration, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Traditional Thai Massage to my practice. I also bring the integrated movement knowledge gleaned studying and teaching Aikido and studies in Rolf Movement Integration, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Movement to balance the soft tissue work.

I’ve spent much of my life looking for the next adventure, whether it be backcountry skiing in the Tetons
, mountain biking the Porcupine Rim of Moab or commercial fishing on a small boat in the Aleutian Islands. Now, I hope to be able to bring Rolfing’s benefits to you and help you on to your next adventures in life, whether it be climbing a mountain, a weekend bike tour or sitting at your desk in comfort.

Sachi Nakayama

I majored in Nutrition at the Showa-jyoshi University, Tokyo, Japan to be a nationally certified dietitian for hospitals. Since I was also interested in the body work field, I studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Ashibumi out side of school and worked at Mominoki House, Tokyo, Japan from 1999 to 2001.​

I received the Rolfing 10 Session Series in 2002 to improve my practice in Karate. It was different from any kind of body work I’d ever received. It helped to teach me how to be aware of my body and how to relate to my surroundings. As the sessions progressed, I felt more ease in movement and started feeling the connection though my body.

After three years of being a dietitian, I began attending the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado in 2004. I was certified as a Rolfer in December 2005 and certified as an Advanced Rolfer in May 2012. I appreciate the whole process of becoming a Rolfer because the experience changed the way I think and how I relate to myself and others.​

I practiced Rolfing in Chiba, Japan for one year and moved to Wyoming April 2007. In my practice in Japan, I found that people get different results from Rolfing depending on what their needs are. The Rolfing experience is very personal and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience. I hope the experience will lead you to the next level of life.


2004 Rolfing Training Unit I
          Rolfing Training Unit II
2005 Rolfing Training Unit III

2007 Scoliosis Strategies
          Thai Massage
2008 Biomechanics of Pelvis 
          Biomechanics of Arms and Legs
          Biomechanics of Shoulder Girdle
2009 Movement and Rolfing 10 Sessions

2008-2009 Visceral manipulation I-V
2010 Movement and the Pelvic Girdle
2011 Thai Massage
2012 Advanced Rolfing training
           Craniolsacral I

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